Admissions to school are made via the online, pan-London system at 
You need to apply via this admissions website between September and January in the academic year before your child turns 5. Children start Reception class in the September of the academic year that they turn 5. The school does not control the admissions for Jubilee from Reception to Y6. Admissions to the Nursery are managed by the Early Years Leader at Jubilee. If you have any questions about admissions, please email

Awaiting a school place in a reception class

If you have not yet secured a reception class place and your child’s name is on the waiting list for yLearning Trust Admissionsour preferred schools, you can contact us to check your child’s waiting list position at anytime during the school year, but  we urge you to consider the available schools as your child must be on the roll of a school from the term following their 5th birthday. Your child's name will remain on the waiting list until 20 July 2016.  

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please get in touch with the Admission Team by emailing or calling 020 8820 7397 or 020 8820 7398.

Reception class admission process for September 2016

If your child was born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012, they will be due to start the reception class next year and you will need to start thinking about the primary schools you would like to apply for.


If you are waiting to hear if your child will gain a place at Jubilee in next year's Reception Class, you will receive a letter on Monday 18 April 2016.

Please contact the Admissions Team if you require further information by emailing or calling 020 8820 7245 or 020 8820 7401.  


Children with Special educational needs & disabilities

There is a separate process for pupils starting reception class who have a statement of special educational needs or an educational, health and care plan. Do not complete the above on-line form, a separate application form will be sent to you to list the schools you prefer for your child. If you have not received this form, please call Barbara Carpenter on 020 8820 7326  who will then direct you to the correct person to speak with.

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