We have created a calculation policy to help teachers introduce mathematical concepts to children. This calculation policy gives guidance to teachers, parents and children on how each calculation is taught. Each section of the calculation policy has a hyperlink to a video demonstrating how the calculation is taught. Please use these videos to help you support your child at home!


Concrete, pictorial, abstract approach

At Jubilee, we follow a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to teaching Maths. We start teaching each mathematical concept using concrete resources such as cubes, counters, Numicon or Dienes. We then move on to exploring the mathematical concept in a pictorial form, using images or drawing pictures of concrete resources. Finally, when the children fully understand the concept, we teach abstract written calculations.
Progression in calculation

The calculation policy is split into 4 operations. These are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each operation is further split into year groups, meaning that you can see what calculation methods your child will be learning each year.