Governors of Jubilee

Meet the Governors

Jubilee’s governors are volunteers who have agreed to commit some of their time to making sure that Jubilee maintains the highest possible standards in every area. Our role is strategic rather than operational. That means we do not get involved in the day to day running of the school, but we are ultimately accountable for its success. We appoint the head teacher, who reports to us and attends all meetings of the Governing Body.


Along with every other maintained primary school, we “reconstituted” (that is, reorganised) our Governing Body in 2014/15. You can find what’s called our Instrument of Government on the website. Our Instrument of Government says we aim to have a maximum of fourteen governors, made up as follows:


Two parent governors

One Local Authority governor

One staff governor


Nine co-opted governors


Parent and staff governors are elected and every governor is expected to serve a four-year term.


The full Governing Body meets twice a term. These meetings are dedicated to general business, including scrutinising reports from the Headteacher and other school leaders and looking at feedback from visits to the school, either by governors or by outside agencies. Matters we discuss include how the children at Jubilee are doing, the best ways to spend the Pupil Premium funds we receive, and relevant local and national initiatives in education.


The full Governing body delegates detailed oversight of some matters to two committees. The Teaching and Learning committee discusses Jubilee’s curriculum and standards as well as issues related to SEND, use of pupil premium grant, and general wellbeing. The Resources committee oversees finance, personnel, statutory compliance, and premises.


Some of us act as Link Governors. That means we take a special interest in one specific area of school life (for example, SEND, premises, school priorities or safeguarding).


If you have a question or suggestion:


-          If it has to do with the everyday running of the school, please speak to the class teacher or phase leader.


Who are we?

See below for the current group of governors.