Maths at Jubilee

Maths is a central curriculum area and being numerate is an important life skill. At Jubilee we aim to link Maths in the classroom to the real world in as many ways as possible to strengthen children’s understanding and make Maths relevant to their lives. Daily maths lessons lay the foundations as teachers follow the popular and effective PA Maths programme, developed in Hackney by the Primary Advantage Federation.


The PA Maths programme supports progression throughout the primary years and has a strong ‘CPA’ thread running throughout. This means that children are exposed to conceptual ideas at a concrete level with a range of apparatus (e.g. counters, beads, diennes and Numicon) before moving on pictorial representations. This may mean diagrams, sketches or using a ‘bar model’ to solve problems. Doing so develops children’s deep conceptual understanding and skills proficiency which supports the next move into abstract mathematics, such as long division.


Maths lessons are designed to be interactive with a significant emphasis on children’s talk. Through discussing their ideas, children construct new understanding, engage in a  supportive community of practice, take responsibility for their learning and allow the teacher a window into their thinking which enables appropriate action to help them progress. Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are three themes of the maths National Curriculum (DfE, 2014) and inform all maths teaching at Jubilee.