Number Superstars


What is it?

The Number Superstars system is Jubilee’s personalised tool to motivate and assess children’s learning of key number facts. In school, every child completes a weekly test matching whatever level they are at in their learning journey. When they are able to correctly recall all relevant number facts in the time limit, they move on to the next level. Their tests are stuck into their homework books so that they can see what they need to work on to progress. A much-prized golden star is awarded every week in Friday assembly to the class where the most children have passed that week. As every planet in the system is equally valued, all children, whatever age and starting point, have the opportunity to contribute to their class’s success.


The calculation strand of the National Curriculum is very demanding, particularly as you move through key stage 2. We know that children who have secured key number facts such as number bonds and times tables are able to work through written calculations more fluently, and are empowered to tackle more complex problem solving tasks confidently. The National Curriculum specifies that children should be able to recall times tables up to 12x12 by the end of year 4, which in Number Superstars equates to completing Eris (level 15).

The most recent version of Number Superstars has been in place at Jubilee for two years now. Our Year 6 teachers report that children are now reaching year 6 with stronger arithmetic skills than ever before, and the difference in their confidence and fluency is striking.


To see where your child is and what’s coming up next, check the progression overview in their homework book, or the downloadable version below. Each planet has an ‘a’ and a ‘b’ test. In test a) the number facts are listed sequentially, in test b) they are jumbled up. Only one new table is introduced on each planet, as well as a recap on the previous two.

A good rate of progress for a child would be passing one planet (two tests) per half-term.

Ways to practise

There are many fun ways to learn your number facts. See the activity suggestions below, including a list of apps for smartphone or tablet. If you would like some extra practice, you can also view and download ALL the Number Superstars tests at the bottom of this page.

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