Our Curriculum Vision

Jubilee’s curriculum is designed around three key principles:

- Children’s natural curiosity is the fuel that powers learning; our job is to harness it.

- Children need to practise and apply skills in different ways to develop mastery

- Learning is a continuous and gradual process which takes time and effort


We use exciting and engaging topics as the basis for rigorous development of key knowledge and skills in a range of curriculum areas. Children are given many opportunities to rehearse and develop their skills and employ them creatively in new contexts. Over time, this process deepens their understanding of themselves and the world around them.


We ensure that statutory National Curriculum requirements are wrapped up within a Jubilee Curriculum which brings learning to life by making the most of the incredible opportunities on our doorstep: learning in the meadow, pond, vegetable garden and Creativity Centre onsite; engaging with the many different religions and cultures in Hackney by connecting with our local community; and exploring London more widely with regular cultural trips and visits.


The documents below give an overview of our topics and details on the units of work covered in each year group.