Parent and School Agreement

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Home School Agreement 2018


I confirm that I have a copy of the Parent Handbook.


I understand that attendance at school is a legal requirement and I will ensure that my child is in school by 9:00am each day.


I will provide a school uniform, P.E. kit and bookbag for my child that complies with Jubilee uniform expectations.


I will support my child in their learning by taking a positive interest, finding out what they are learning and how you can help them.


I will read with my child every day and support my child to look after the books they bring home from school.


I will speak to the child’s teacher if I have any concerns about my child in a polite and positive manner.


I will help my child learn the importance of good behaviour.


I will work in partnership with the school to help celebrate diversity in its many forms.


I will ensure that I read letters and communication from the school, and know that I can find copies of them on the school website.


I will inform the school immediately of any changes to our contact details.




I allow my child to participate in all school trips including theatres, concerts and cinemas. (including to places of worship from different religions)


I agree to photos of my child being taken and used in displays and on the website.


I will ensure that my child takes part in all creative activities.


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