School Funding Statement

3rd May 2017

Statement on the reduction in local authority funding for schools

You will be aware from national and local news of reductions in funding for schools. 

London schools’ income has been hit by a proposed change in the national schools’ funding formula.  Each school has to decide how to deal with this situation.

At the end of March we received confirmation that coming into effect from April 1st 2017 the local authority funding for 2017-18 will be reduced by over £100,000 with further reductions anticipated over the following two years.  Governors and members of the senior leadership team are working together on addressing the effect of these reductions.

School budgets are under constant pressure. Over the past two years local authority funding for Jubilee has fallen. While its income falls, the school’s costs continue to rise thanks to both general inflation and one-off factors. The largest single cost factor for all schools is staff. From April 2016, Hackney schools absorbed an increase in the employers’ “on costs” they have to pay, i.e. for pension and national insurance contributions.

The governing body has a duty to ensure the school continues to offer the best and most rounded possible education, to the widest possible range of children, within the constraints of finite resources.

Given the pressures outlined above, this means having to use judgement to make difficult decisions about priorities. In approaching the challenges ahead we want to reassure our families, community and staff we are committed to:

  • Ensuring that children are at the heart of everything we do
  • Fulfilling  our contractual obligations to our valued and skilled staff
  • Minimum disruption in the day to day running of the school
  • Making the most effective and efficient use of the resources available to us


Norma Hewins (Head Teacher)                 Peter Morris (Chair of Governors)