Sports Premium 1617

Review of 2016/17 Sports Premium Funding

All of the events that have been established through the Sports Premium Funding have been embedded in the curriculum, clubs and special sporting events.

In the past year we have purchased bicycles that have benefited the cycle team as children without bikes are now able to join the squad. The new bicycles have also allowed us to help children in KS2 to learn to ride and this has been beneficial for confidence, fitness levels and being able to cycle for fun. We also purchased secure storage for the bicycles and the funding has allowed us to continue the Jubilee triathlons and progress to a Primary borough triathlon held last September.

The funding also allowed us to include more sports/activities in our sports week such as circus skills.

The Sports Premium funding has allowed Jubilee develop many areas in sport and that have all had a positive impact on the children of Jubilee.