The 27 Month Check

In Hackney, we are trying to increase the amount of children who are receiving a 27 month check. According to statistics, our area has a very poor take-up of this important all-round check on your child’s development. If your child attends the day-care, you will be asked to join us for a conversation about your child. If you use the drop-in services, and you would like to know more about setting up a 27 month check, please speak to Hannah or Monika in the main office.

What is the 27 month check?

This is a meeting where the Health Visitor, Key Person and Parent all meet together to review the child’s overall progress and development. Below is a helpful table that details what a child should be having at each age and stage. The meeting is usually no longer than 45 minutes, and is meant to be supportive for the parent, whilst also planning for any extra steps that need to be taken to ensure that the child is happy, healthy and developing well.

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