Vision, Values and Ethos

Jubilee School Values
Respect     Friendship     Excellence

Our vision

The world is a beautiful place, full of awe, wonder, and amazing diversity. We want to provide our pupils with the skills, empathy and integrity needed to thrive in our vibrant and ever-changing society.

Our children care. They care about other people, their environment and global issues. They have awareness of themselves and empathy for others. In our vision for the children, they have a good sense of humour and know the importance of having fun. We want our children to be generous with time and feelings, to be tolerant and kind. Our children are inquisitive, imaginative and aspirational. We teach them to debate, compromise, and think creatively. They are confident learners and articulate speakers who stand up for the right things. We nurture pupils and empower them to use their initiative, take risks, be self-sufficient and self-motivated. Our children are enthusiastic about the community they live in, leading, not following.

These are the ingredients of a Jubilee child.


Our ethos

We are an inclusive school with high expectations and aspirations. Children who come to Jubilee learn about many different religions, cultures and ideas. Pupils are praised for what they can do and for the potential to do well. 

We want all pupils to be in good physical health and have opportunities to try new sports and be active.

Through our immersive topic approach, all pupils have the opportunity to access learning through art, drama, and music.  We believe in learning beyond the classroom.

Staff model and teach about Respect, Excellence, and Friendship. Every child is valued and everyone counts.  

We are a community school whose purpose is to serve the pupils, staff, parents and community. 

School values: “Respect, Excellence, Friendship”