YEAR 6 Zoo reports

5th January 2018


By Zelda

On Thursday 4th January, year 6 Ash class went to ZSL London Zoo in Regents Park.

Last week, Ash class went to london Zoo for their topic, the Galapagos Islands. When they got there they got into groups and went round the zoo. One of the groups first went to penguin beach, on the way they saw some falcons. At penguin beach they drew pictures of the different penguins. Hannah (a girl in Ash class) stated: “ The penguins were very quick and cute that made the trip more fun!”

Next, they went to the Gorilla Kingdom. When they were there they saw different types of monkeys and gorillas. Whilst at the Gorilla Kingdom they wrote lots of facts down. “I loved the gorillas,” said Asia (in Ash class) “ but they had weird bottoms.”

After the gorillas, they went to see the Rainforest Life. Whilst they were there the red-faced monkeys were all being given their lunch, so they were all running round the area. One of the Monkeys went into someone’s bag. “ I loved it there, but when the monkey went in my bag, well that was something else!” laughed Iris( a pupil in year 6.)

Lunch ended at 1:00. After lunch, Ash class went to a workshop with staff at London Zoo, Heather. At the workshop, they talked about different habitats. Then they held a cockroach, called Charlie. After that they went back to school.

The trip to the zoo was a great success and year 6 hope they will go again one day. 



by Raiyyan

On Thursday 4th January, Year 6 from Jubilee Primary School had the opportunity to visit the London  Zoo. Accompanying them were their class teachers: George Gould and Dan Priddle. In addition, a member of staff and two parent volunteers accompanied them. It is also Known that the  Year 6 class (Ash) went to the trip because of their new topic. The Galapagos Islands.

The students, who excelled in learning new information, witnessed animals from key genres. These genres were, Gorilla Kingdom, Penguin Beach and Rainforest. However, certain children may have seen Bug life, Tiger Territory and the Land of the Lions. Eray (a class student) stated “I loved the spiders, it was sick”. After viewing all the animals, Ash class met in a classroom exhibit for a scientific workshop. The lesson, which was with a zoo staff called Heather, included stroking a cockroach  and learning about the 4 habitats of the world. “It was so amazing, when I saw the cockroach, my spirits lifted,” commented Joseph, “but I regret accidentally dropping my iPad on it.”

London Zoo is a well-known tourist destination and improved Year 6's knowledge on the Galapagos Islands and has inspired them to learn more.



by Mabel

On Thursday 4th January, Ash class-who are in Year 6 from Jubilee Primary School-visited London Zoo in Regents Park, central London. The reason for the exciting trip was to kick start their new topic, the Galapagos Islands, and hopefully catch a glimpse of some of the animals and wildlife that live there.

They left at 9am and headed to ZSL (Zoological Society of London-better known as London Zoo.)They split into groups and went to explore all of the unusual wildlife. Fortunately, they found Giant tortoises, Galapagos penguins and an iguana. Three main inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands. Hannah Maw, one of the pupils on the trip, said: “The penguins were my favourite part. They were really cute and interesting to watch, they were also slightly ridiculous as they followed everyone around.”

The students saw eight Giant tortoises, five were younger-about three years old-and the others were adults. The adults were very lazy and didn’t move much whereas the smaller tortoises were extremely active and always moving.

In addition, the intriguing penguins put Ash class in awe, wherever they walked the penguins would follow. There were many inside the enclosure but Ash Class could not get enough of them.

The iguana (like the adult tortoises) was very slow and seemed to stay in one position for most of the time. One of the students stated that the iguana looked exhausted as if it had only just finished a long day of work.

Ash class finally ate their lunch and went to enjoy a workshop. A member of staff named Heather took the workshop and lead the pupils through it as they learned about some of the habitats of the animals around them. She showed them a Madagascan hissing cockroach that the children were able to handle and touch. Joseph Farley-Froome Dixon accidentally hit it while he was trying to take a photograph with the iPad. Luckily, their leader Heather caught it before Charlie, the cockroach, fell to the floor.

Year 6 all agreed that their trip was wonderful and that they would gladly go back.


We’re Going On A Trip!

by Asia

Last week, Year 6’s very own Ash Class explored the premises of London Zoo.

On Thursday the 4th of January, when the students returned from the Winter holidays, they attended London Zoo (also known as ZSL-  Zoological Society of London ). There were many sites to visit including the Gorilla Kingdom and the Rainforest habitat. When the pupils reached their destination, they were split into three groups, each with a member of staff or parental helper. The zoo is located in Regents Park, Central London. As well as making sure that the children had a fun start to the new topic, another reason was to make sure they learnt these things in a fun, exciting way.

George Gould and Dan Priddle -two of the year 6 teachers- both reported that they wanted the children to have an excellent experience but also wanted to make sure that the children had a real insight to the Galapagos Islands. Whilst the children were exploring the enclosures, the most awaited part was yet to come- lunch! After lunch the children met up in the rainforest exhibit to have a workshop. The workshop was led by London Zoo worker, Heather. Joseph Farley-Froome Dixon (who is a year 6 pupil) explained: “The workshop itself wasn’t that great but when Heather pulled out the hissing cockroach, I was in awe.”

The majority of Year 6 agreed that the trip was amazing and they would recommend the trip to any age group. Many hope that trip will still be available for the younger years.



by Hannah

On Thursday 4th  January, year 6 Ash class went to ZSL, Zoological Society of London.

Last week, year 6 on an exciting trip to London Zoo for their topic Galapagos Islands. Whilst they were there they split up into three groups and to see the animals. They saw various animals to do with their topic such as gorillas and giant tortoises. The gorillas were inside and playing around. The three giant tortoises they saw were just sitting there being lazy but the five babies were really active. “I loved the gorillas they were so funny,” chuckled Zelda (a girl in year 6).

Then they saw the Rainforest Wildlife which included lots of animals like Sloths which hung from the ceiling or a branch. They also saw monkeys and bats. Asia (a pupil in Ash class) stated “ It was very stinky in the Rainforest Wildlife!”

The third animals they saw were penguins! Mabel in year 6 said “There were millions of them all over the place. ”Penguins were following everyone around their enclosure and playing with the children. “The penguins were so cute and playful!” commented Hannah (a girl in Ash class)

After they had lunch they set of to go to a workshop. In the workshop they studied habitats.A ZSL worker named Heather took the workshop. She brought a hissing cockroach called Charlie and everyone got the chance to hold him.

Year 6 agreed that it was a great trip and are inspired to learn more about their new topic.


Zootastic trip      

by Eray

On Thursday 4th January, Year 6 from Jubilee Primary School  were lucky enough to get the chance to visit the well-known London Zoo.

 As soon as Ash class had put their coats and bags away, they headed for the huge pelican enclosure and saw some pink pelicans with huge beaks, a long neck and large feet. Raiyyan Patel said “These pink pelicans are very big and very cool”. As George Gould (their teacher) got near to the penguins, he commented “These penguins look like they are enjoying themselves here”. As the students headed to the fish tank, they spotted the piranhas swimming across the massive clean tank.

The whole class agreed that they had loved the penguins the most and would recommend going to London Zoo. They have been inspired to learn more about their topic, the Galapagos Islands.