YEAR 6 Zoos debate

26th January 2018



By Asia

The debate about zoos has been going around the world for a while now but the truth needs to come out. Zoos have been an essential part of our lives for centuries now. The question is: will they be around for any longer? Whilst some think that zoos are used to protect endangered species; others feel that they aren't saving them but are just holding them captive for money.

The majority of people believe that zoos are educational for both children and adults. This contributes to teaching the visitors on how to treat the animals and what to do to keep them alive. Consequently, the world might be a better place for both humans and animals to live together safely.

On the other hand, wild animals should not be deprived of being in their natural habitat. If young animals were kept at the zoo for a while, they will soon adapt to being hand fed and protected by larger animals but when the staff release them back into the wild they won’t know how to collect their own food or how to fend for themselves. The result of this could be critical for their lives as they would have no survival skills.

Another supporting reason is that these beautiful creatures are treated well in a lot of zoos. In most cases, these animals are in no harm or danger and if these animals are severely hurt or in pain, the workers will do everything that they can to nurse them back to health. Therefore, these animals are shielded and are kept under a watchful eye during their time at the zoo.

Animal rights’ campaigners have pointed out that some of these animals are dangerous and can harm people. For example, last year a zoo keeper was killed by one of the tigers in the enclosure. As a result, more people are dying and are just letting these animals carry on killing the innocent workers.

Overall, I don't have a final decision on whether we should keep or get rid of zoos. Even though I don’t want people to die, I also don't want these animals to become endangered or extinct. I believe that there should be more safety precautions to prevent people and animals to get hurt.


Are zoos worth the risk?

By Raiyyan

Some people believe that zoos are beneficial for both humans and animals; on the other hand they can be very precarious for the animals and for the humans. The question is: can zoos put humans and animals in danger?

Many people believe that zoos are extremely educational. As a result of zoos many people excel in learning astonishing information and have the opportunity to witness the animals in first person. Consequently, many people will feel inspired to assist the thousands of endangered species around the world.

Secondly, some people think that animals are treated well in the majority of zoos. For example, in London Zoo depending on the size of the animal they are kept in a bigger enclosure. This means that zoos protect the animals and respect them.

On the other hand, many people believe that zoos can be simply cruel. Animals should be kept in their natural habitat and roaming around the wild, should they not? Many zoos can keep animals imprisoned and captive behind a glass wall for our amusement. As a result of this, many animals can face traumas such as mental health problems.

In addition, many people think that zoos can be dangerous to people. Evidence of this is when wild predators attack helpless people and children. In the eyes of carnivores we are their dinner. Over the years many attacks have resulted in death and critical injuries.

Overall, I think that zoos have room for improvement but are equally good and bad.


Are zoos beneficial?

By Zelda

Zoos are popular all around the world. The question is: are they beneficial? Some people think zoos are good for animals; others think they are cruel and brutal.

Some people believe that zoos are valuable to animals because they help endangered species. For example, zoos take animals that are almost extinct and breed them so they can release more into the wild. Moreover, if an animal is injured they keep them in a zoo to recover.

Some people think zoos are educational for everyone because we can learn a lot from animals, such as where they grew up and their diet. Also they are educational because year 6 went on a trip to London Zoo and they did a workshop. As well they learnt about the animals by reading information outside the enclosures.

On the other hand, other people say wild animals should not be deprived from their natural habitat. For example, they are used to the wild and catching their own food not being given their food. Furthermore, they are not in their habitats so they would feel scared and enclosed.

Some people think that zoos are dangerous because we are keeping wild animals closed up in small spaces this can cause devastating deaths. For example, a vicious tiger killed a zookeeper at Hamerton Zoo.

I agree with both sides as there are good points for both arguments.



Should zoos be shut down?

By Mabel

Zoos are popular all around the world. The question is: are they worth the potential harm? Many people have puzzled over this, not sure if zoos are helping or hurting animals. Some people believe the animals are being cooped up in spaces too unlike their natural habitats; others think zoos are saving endangered animals from what lurks in the wild.

Advocates for zoos say that they play an essential role in animals live because the work the zoos do could save species on the verge of extinction. (On the other hand, many people think that they are depriving animals of living a natural life in the wild). One of the main ways zoos help endangered animals is by taking a few away from their original countries and bringing them back to the zoo, where they will hopefully live a healthy life in a large enclosure and in the future breed so that their species number start to rise. In addition, zoos are very educational and are a wonderful learning resource for schools. They can use zoos to introduce new topics to their students so that they get a wider understanding.

However, a number of other people disagree with these views thinking that zoos could do the opposite of helping animals and are unfair towards them because they are making the animals more like entertainment and less like a way to save them. The reason for this is if the zoos give animals small cages they could just start to go mad- like any human would- which can eventually cause mental health issues. This can also lead to dangerous animals escaping and maybe hurting zoo keepers or even the public. A prime example of this is, last year at Hamerton Zoo, a zoo keeper (named Rosa King) got killed by one of the tigers there. It is unclear how this happened.

Overall, I think zoos have equal pros and cons. London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo are two great examples of zoos that treat their animals well and let them have vast amounts of space; whereas others give the animals small cages and not much entertainment. Zoos like that should be shut down but zoos that protect the species and increase their numbers should stay open.


Keep zoos or scrap them?

By Joseph

Zoos benefit many endangered species of animals. The question is: are zoos protecting the animals as well as they say they do?

Some people say animals are treated really well. All the animals are provided with high quality, fresh meals every day suited to what they would normally eat in the wild. Every animal gets their enclosure cleaned at least a couple times a week.

In addition, advocate for zoos say that zoos are very educational for everyone (especially young children Andre the age of 16 years old.) An example of this is that if you teach children how to treat animals and how to help endangered species of animals they could be some of the people to save a species of animals on the brink of extinction. This means that everyone will be able to examine the once endangered species of animals thrive in the wild.

On the other hand, some zoos treat animals really cruelly. Animal rights campaigners point out that a lot of zoos put animals in rusty, dirty and rarely cleaned cages. They say some workers for zoos treat themselves better than the animals while when they work at the zoo the animals are equal to people, so  they must treat the animals how they would treat their children or in some cases themselves.

Some people think that wild animals should not be deprived of being in their natural habitats. Do you think it’s kind to take animals away from their families and habitat without even asking them (even if they can’t speak)? As a result, some people believe zoos should be shut down.

Overall, I think some zoos should be shut down if in the past animals have escaped and/or if it is not a nice place to live.


Are zoos necessary?

By Iris

Do you agree with zoos? For years zoos have been loved by many people, but the real question is: are zoos actually a good idea? Some people think zoos are cruel, horrific places; some others believe they are great and that they are a big help to animals. What do you think?

Advocates for zoos think that zoos play a very essential role in animals lives. The reason lots of people love them is because the work they do could help species from becoming extinct. They say that they are cutting down trees so that leads to lots of animals dying because they have nowhere to live (a variety of animals homes are trees). As a result of this, there are becoming less and less animals everyday.

On the other hand, zoos are very hazardous places for numerous reasons. Firstly, there was a tiger attack and unfortunately that lead to the death of an innocent zoo keeper. Another incident that took place at a zoo was a gorilla accident- a gorilla lifted a boy into the enclosure and the zoo keeper shot the gorilla for the boy’s safety.

Overall, I think zoos can occasionally help animals; however the attacks do make me feel differently, an animal's life matters as much as a human life, don’t you think?


Are zoos beneficial for animals?

By Hannah M

Zoos are loved all around the world. The question is: are they treating animals well. Some people think that zoos are beneficial  for animals; other say they are cruel and harsh to the animals.

Some people believe zoos are essential for animals. For example zoos can help a lot of endangered animals from becoming extinct. To do this they breed animals to increase the population of a species. Moreover, they often save quite a few animals from the wild with severe injuries.

Animal lovers say that zoos are educational for everyone. People can learn a lot about all the animals. By being taught these things it would help children and adults care for animals better. This would save more animals.

On the other hand it has been said that zoos are cruel and scandalous. They do not let animals practise the skills they need to know in their natural habitat. Also the animals are not in their natural environment so they are more likely to feel scared and imprisoned than in if they were in the wild.

Other people think that zoos are dangerous and are an atrocious idea. This is because animals a can harm or kill visitors or the zookeepers. In the past there have been tragic deaths caused by animals attacking people, such as at Hamerton Zoo where a zookeeper was killed last year by a ferocious tiger.

Overall, I agree with both sides as there are good points for both sides of the argument.



By Eray

Some people think zoos are good for animals because they are treated very well; others disagree with them because they think that taking an animal out of its natural habitat is cruel and selfish. The question is: should they be closed?

Some people think that zoos are educational and children and adults can learn a lot. For example, you have the opportunity to see an animal you normally wouldn’t from very close. Also, people will treat animals better and look after them with love and care. Animals are treated well in most zoos so they live a comfortable and majestic life. In huge zoos like London Zoo, big animals are kept in vast enclosures for them to roam around freely.

On the other hand, some people believe that zoos are bad for animals and that they should be closed. Animal rights campaigners point out the fact that big animals shouldn’t be kept in small enclosures because it could damage their mental health.

Zoos can also be dangerous to people. An example of this is that animals can escape from their enclosures and hurt or kill people. Last year at Hamerton Zoo (in the UK) a tiger killed its zookeeper. Consequently, zookeepers have a hazardous job.

My opinion is that zoos shouldn’t be shut down because they can save many animals lives and help the ones that are close to extinction.